Replay Media Catcher – All You Needs To Know Before Getting The Software

replay media catcher 5The Replay Media Catcher is software that lets you downloads and/or records streaming web video and MP3 audio from the streams that used to be unrecordable. It is the advanced streaming video and audio/MP3 recording technology ever created on the planet.

This amazing and highly demand software owned by Applian Technologies, Inc has been used by thousand of users all around the world. As a leader in the online media recording software producer, Applian had continue to improves their ranges of software with many more great features over the times.

One of the amazing points about this software is that it’s so easy to use. Once installed and active, the Replay Media Catcher will save video and audio files from almost any web sites as they play on your PC. These files can be transferred to other devices or storages, or incorporated into other programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. Replay Media Catcher can even capture multiple streams simultaneously.

I personally use the software for quite some time and found that it’s really good, easy and convenient. I highly recommend it and following are the honest review from my personal experience after using the Replay Media Catcher.


Let’s See the Great Features of The Replay Media Catcher v6

Following are the top features that you can expect from Replay Media Catcher:

  • It’s ideal for video, an advanced video downloader supports thousands of web sites. Uses download technology.
  • The software is good for music too; it can capture and records ANY audio media including streaming mp3.
  • Powerful! You can records multiple audio video streams simultaneously!
  • It’s so easy! Push a button to records media files as you play them.
  • Automatically tags songs with artist & song title using song recognition technology.
  • It can automatically converts audio and video files to over 130 device and file formats.
  • The program lets you schedule recordings from any playable URL at a time you choose.
  • You also can split recordings using silence detection; extract songs with smart track splitting and songs can be automatically sync to iTunes.
  • It allows you to adjust and control the settings or features as you needs.
  • The audio/video recorder supports any browsers with Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.
  • It supports 15 languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Germany, Japenese, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Danish, Spanish, etc. So, you can change the language as you wish in the Help – Language!
  • If you want to try or buy Replay Media Catcher software now, you can get the best deal through this link.

The software also contains several Media guides to help you find and save audio and video from all the popular sites. This is especially useful for new users. Other build-in tools like converter, browser history capture, a torrent downloader can help your media capturing process become easier.


What Are The Pro and Cons of The Replay Media Catcher 6?

No doubt that every software’s has their own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of Replay Media Catcher 6:


¨       It’s Easy: Open the software and click Start Recording, then play your media, and an exact digital copy is downloaded or recorded to your computer hard disk.

¨       It’s Powerful: This software supports more streaming protocols than other stream downloading software. Also, it can automatically converts the recorded files to your intended format (over 130 output formats available).

¨       It’s Fun: Extra goodies like Audio and Video Search, an Audio Recorder, and a Scheduler make finding and recording video and audio more fun than ever.

¨       It’s Smart: Replay Media Catcher automatically names video files, and recognizes millions of songs so that it can identifies and tag recorded MP3 files.

¨       It’s Unbelievable: Works great for hard-to-capture sites using RTMP protocol including flash videos. The download technology captures videos and MP3 files at up to 10x playback speed.

¨       It’s Risk-free: Allow free trial and the no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee turn your purchase into risk free.


¨       A small loss of quality, which is to be expected in any video capture/recording software.

¨       Cannot record all the videos from the web especially those sites that are encrypted.

¨       The Windows version is not work on Mac PC. If you’re using Mac, you probably want to know how to record video on Mac.


Caution: Replay Media Catcher VS Replay Capture Suite

If you’re wondering what is the different between the two fantastic software pack by Applian, here you go…

The Replay Media Catcher is part of the Replay Capture Suite, a 7-in-1 download, capture and conversion tools for one great price by Applian Technologies. If you buy the entire package, it’s a discount compare to buying it individually.

Click on the link below to read the full reviews of the individual software that are included in Replay Capture Suite.

Note: If you mainly want to download audio and video files from the Internet, then Replay Media Catcher is enough. If you are audio video professional that requires capturing as well as conversion tools, then you better read the full review on Replay Capture Suite as it may better suit your needs.


Still Doubts? Here Are What Current Owners Have To Say About This Software

replay media catcher reviews

Clearly, The Replay Media Catcher Can Really Do The Jobs For You! My advice is to give the software a try and see for yourself! Click Here For Free Trial of Replay Media Catcher 6!


Conclusion: Replay Media Catcher Can Help You Downloads/Records The Online Videos As You Wish!

No doubt that the Replay Media Catcher is a great video download and recording software. Imagine that you can download an unlimited number of online songs or albums – that will save you hundreds of dollars on music prices that are normally .99 per song. Not only that, you also can download almost all the videos from Youtube and other video sharing sites!

When you look at all the great features of the software and you even can try the software for free to experience what the software can do for you. Once purchase, you also get a free lifetime updates of the software as the program constantly improves to meet the new user requirements.

The Applian Technologies is currently offering a free trial which is pretty cool and every purchase also comes with the no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee! This really turns your purchase into zero-risk! So take advantage of it NOW!


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