Welcome to this blog.

I had struggled with recording movies from the Internet and have tried several softwares to download audios and movies online. Some software allow me to download certain number of times, but for the most software they left me less than satisfied.

Until one day, when I stumbled across Replay Media Catcher by Applian Technologies Inc. I was still skeptical to buy the software but the 100% money back guarantee by the developer let me make a commitment to purchase and use the software. To tell you the truth, I am so happy and thank you for the software as this application really can download/record almost all the videos from the Internet.

So I made this blog and tried my very best to explain all the ins and outs of Replay Media Catcheras well as some other audio and video recorders and/or downloaders by Applian, so you all can be informed enough to decide if its right for you! This blog was created to help you quickly get knowledge on how to get your intended streaming audios and videos from the Internet to your computer hard drive.

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Powell Wong, site creator.