How to Record Streaming Video Online Successfully?

How to Record Streaming Video Online With Replay Video Capture?

Since videos are one of the most common entertainment forms in the web, many people are wondering how to record streaming video directly on it.  Online streaming of videos allows other people to instantly watch news, view tutorials and connect with people from other parts of the world.

Some people even download streaming video in order to have a copy on it just in case the video is taken out on the web. Knowing how to record streaming video is important if you want to save a copy for other purposes. You can do this easier by utilizing different options in recording videos.

There are 3 common ways on how to record streaming video from your computer. You can either use:

1.)   Different downloader-helper websites that are readily available on the web.

2.)   The Firefox add-on or Chrome extension to save streaming video.

3.)   The commercial software and they come in different types. Some are free of charge while others need certain fees in order to access them.

In addition, the commercial software can be browser based (online downloader) or require downloading directly from the computer.  Replay Video Capture is one of the most common software used by people on how to record streaming video.


What is So Special About Replay Video Capture v8?

Replay Video Capture is one of the many programs offered by Applian Technologies that allows you to record the videos easier. You can actually record anything such as demo or audio presentation, timely video and other things that you are watching in your computer screen.

While Replay Video Capture allows capturing and recording any kind of videos, this is the only software that can record live streaming video.

How to record streaming video is not a problem anymore because of Replay Video Capture. It offers many great features that include:

  • Setting up any recording is easy and quick (schedule a recording is available too).replay video capture 8
  • Record any kind of web video in high quality (up to 50 frames per second).
  • Allow Background mode to capture video even you hide the video, or cover it with another window.
  • Convert DVDs that playing on your PC into other file formats.
  • Create PowerPoint presentations to videos.
  • Record webcam sites and sessions of video chat.
  • It is convenient and capture even a part of the screen. It also supports dual monitor setups.
  • Uses high quality and specialized MPEG-2 codecs in order to produce recording in high quality.
  • It can be run on a pen/thumb drives without the need to install on a PC.
  • The Replay Video Capture is available for free trial, you can get it through this link.


How to Record Streaming Video?

It’s simple. Anything that displays on your computer screen it will record (both video and sound) by the software. After recorded, it will automatically save the audio/video files to the computer.

You can watch the short video below for quick demo of the software.

To learn more about how to use the software effectively, download the manual here.


Why Replay Video Capture Software?

Knowing how to record streaming video using software has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that it uses reliable and lightweight interface that allows users either beginner or advanced to capture videos on their screens. This includes even the websites, chat sites, webcams or media players that are difficult to capture (i.e copy protected video streams).

Another great thing is that you can actually obtain good quality recorded video or audio. This is crucial as the video or audio quality will determine the quality of the software itself. You also can use the screen recorder software to record just anything you like!

In addition, this software is very easy to use and even non-technical individuals can learn how to record streaming video without enduring lengthy tutorials. The minor disadvantage about this kind of software is that quality of the recorded audio/video may drop a little.


Final Thoughts – Record Streaming Videos With The Help of Software!

Learning how to record streaming video is now easy with the use of software such as Replay Video Capture. In general, this simple yet great program does what it has to do and that is to capture any kind of video that you are watching in your computer.

Although some people may find this little expensive, it is surely worth every cent of your money because of the many benefits that it offers. Now, you will no longer ask yourself how to record streaming video because the answer is already within your reach.

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