Is Replay Media Catcher 6 Worth To Purchase?

replay media catcher 6Replay Media Catcher 6 may different from other video, music and radio downloaders you may have used in the past! In fact, it’s a complete solution for all of your video downloading and music recording needs.

Replay Media Catcher will automatically detect supported video, music and radio when it’s played in your PC browser and begin to download and/or convert the files automatically. This means that you still can continue browsing the webs while this program is recording.

The program also contains an audio recorder that record any music or sound you can hear from your PC for perfect music reproductions. You also can use it to find video, music or radio to watch, listen to, download and record.

To be more technically, this is a stream recorder/ripper that is specifically to record/capture Flash (.FLV) streaming video and MP3 music. The Replay Media Catcher 6 also lets you capture streaming Video and .MP3 Audio from RTMP, HTTP, MMS and RTSP protocol servers including:

  • rtmp:// Flash Video (.FLV files)
  • http:// Flash Video (.FLV files)
  • mms:// Windows Media files (basic support only)
  • rtsp:// Windows Media and Real Audio/Video/Media files (basic support only)
  • rtmp:// MP3 Audio
  • http:// MP3 Audio

Replay Media Catcher 5 guide

The Key Features of Replay Media Catcher v6

Here are the notable features of this live streaming video recorder:

  • Obviously, it’s a simple-to-use streaming media recorder that record/capture video streams from hundreds of popular sites like youtube, facebook, myspace, metacafe, veoh, dailymotion, etc.
  • It can converts recorded files to a format of your choice and you can rename the media files or play the files in the embedded Adobe Flash Player.
  • Lets you schedule recordings from any playable URL at a time you choose.
  • The embedded video, music and radio sites/channels help you easily find the interesting media to download.
  • It grab/capture streaming audio and music from ANY source as it plays on your PC or laptop including Pandora,, songza, grooveshark, etc.
  • Uses a Music Fingerprinting technology can automatically identify and tag recorded music files with the artist and song title automatically.
  • You can split recordings using silence detection; extract songs with smart track splitting and songs can be automatically sync to iTunes.
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Transitioning From Replay Media Catcher 4, 5 to Version 6?

If you use the Replay Media Catcher 4 or version 5 before and just upgraded to version 6, it’s good for yrou to watch the video below to help you quickly get started on the video capture software.

If you are pretty new to the streaming video capture program, it will be helpful for you to see the video. From the video, you will know how easy you can start grabbing the online videos to your computer with the help of Replay Media Catcher.

Still doubt? Let’s see why and how you can benefits from the software!


Top 7 Reasons You Should Get The Replay Media Catcher 6 Now

The following are all the advantages of the software:

  1. It’s Easy: Open the program and play the media, then an exact digital copy is downloaded to your computer.
  2. It’s Powerful: Replay Media Catcher 6 supports more formats than any other stream downloading software. And it can automatically convert files to the format of your choice.
  3. It’s Useful: Built-in features like Media Guides, Audio Recorder, Torrent downloader, and Scheduler make finding and recording video and audio easier.
  4. It’s Smart: The software automatically names video files, and recognizes millions of songs so that it can identify and tag recorded MP3 music files.
  5. It’s Fast: Replay Media Catcher’s advanced downloading technology captures videos and MP3 files at up to 10x playback speed.
  6. It’s Clean: No ads or other unwanted or annoying ads pop-up while using the program.
  7. It’s Risk-free: The free trial download is available and the no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee turn your purchase into zero-risk.

Note: The Replay Media Catcher 6 can support the latest Windows 10 operating system or older system that runs Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. High speed internet connection is recommended.


Where Can You Get The Replay Media Catcher At The Best Price?

That’s a really important question. You want to be sure that you’re getting a really best deal.

Overall, the Replay Media Catcher 6 is a great and reliable software. Aside from its quality and high-tech features, it’s also affordable as compared to other similar media capture software. The online guide and helpful customer services is always ready to serve you if you need it.

The software is not free but the free trial demo version allows you to try the software first before you get it. Even if you decided to buy the software, it also comes with the no-questions asked 30-day money back guarantee! So, take advantage of the zero-risk purchase now!

If you decided to give the software a try, visit the link below. Also, I’ve done some research for you and found that you can get the best price using the following link (for instant and secure download).

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